“The Founder of Future Weapons Declares War on Ho-Hum Visual Effects”


"Microsoft has made it their goal to convert one billion users to Windows 10 over the next two to three years. This will make the Windows 10 Hero desktop image the most recognizable laser image ever created."


"When Microsoft decided they needed a radical new desktop image for the Windows 10 operating system, they enlisted design director GMUNK and laser specialist Adam LaBay to create an exciting new logo made entirely out of laser light."


"Microsoft is unveiling a brand new hero image. . .The volumetric window of light you see was created in-camera using a handful of clever lighting techniques."


"The 2015 YouTube Music Awards worked with directors, artists and creators over a period of two months to create 13 videos for selected winners. Future Weapons Laser & Lighting Design was hired to provide equipment & programming for the launch sequence."


"Adam took his incredible and artistic laser programming skills to bring these laser and lighting technologies to life, creating a stunning sequence of visuals and displays, that accurately expressed the excitement surrounding this new product release."